Over 60 artists come together in Downtown Port Huron for their semi annual Art Hop. See the highlights and meet a few of the creators to learn about what inspires their work.

[Sponsored by St. Clair County Department of Veterans Affairs]

Transcription of Story:

Alyssa Paynter- We are kicking off an artistic weekend right here with the downtown Port here on 2023 fall art hop. 

Natacha Hayden- so this is fall art hop uh we actually have Art Hop twice a year one in the spring and one in the fall we invite local artists to come to downtown pan and pair with uh downtown businesses so they have like three hours you know twice a year uh to pretty much have a storefront in downtown P here and this year uh at least this fall we have over 60 artists the purpose of this event is very much to celebrate Arts uh we have a bunch of artists in our area and they are so so talented uh we want to make sure to you know support them and showcase them as the best as we can uh even the downtown Merchants love it just because you know it brings traffic to downtown Port here on just something fun to do 

 Kara Kaercher- So my craft entails, um, a lot of acrylic pores. I actually teach them all around Port Huron. I would just say go for it. I never thought I’m almost 5 years into my business. Now I never thought it would actually be like a real job. You know, growing up, you know growing up you know people say, Oh, don’t go grow up and be an artist. You won’t make money or anything. Um, you can do it, even if it’s just something you love to do. If one person buys your art, that’s all I look forward to it’s just one person, so um you can follow my page’s artistry on Facebook, and I do local stuff all around, so just check it out.

 Marlo Ellis-Students was Native American, and she taught me how to make them, and I’ve been making them ever since. Well, I custom-made dream catchers jewelry, I work with resin art, and make apparel.

 Erica Delwisch- um my business is Delish Designs. I make handmade keychains and bracelets. I just really love being able to create my art and being able to come into the community and and share my art with other people who also love art.

 Laura Fitz- So my business is called Fitz’s stitches um I called what I do what’s called cross stitch it’s kind of like embroidery um and I started out making these little earrings through cross stitch um and then recently for this Art Hop, I’ve done some additional items like glass art and these fall reads as well.

Alyssa Paynter- Don’t forget that you can support an artist by viewing their website, visiting them at events, or sharing their artwork on social media for Thumb Coast TV. I’m Alyssa Paynter.