Wait, did you just see those flashing lights in the sky by the Blue Water Bridge? The MichiganFun.com tourism convention treats attendees and surrounding neighbors to an aerial show featuring hundreds of drones. See a few highlights and hear more about the convention.

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Harold Powell- we’re here in Port Huron Michigan at the Bluewater convention center for the Michigan festivals and events association annual convention presented by ACP entertainment. Let’s check and see what it’s all about.

Mike Szukhent- The convention is all about the festivals, fairs and events here in the state of Michigan and we do Education and Training we have auditions for uh music acts we have vendors that are here with support information, and it’s a Thursday night Friday night all day Friday and all day Saturday. One of the keynote speakers for tomorrow’s lunchtime is we have Jim Edelman and Tom Dalden from under the radar on our stage and we are also having uh vice president of travel Dave Loren on stage also talking about the the future of Tourism here in the state of Michigan.

Harold Powell- The vendors featured everything from food to entertainment related products and services such as fireworks, and Laser Tag Fort Gratiot restaurant what the fry was in attendance along with many others from across the country.

Andre “Fatboy” Powell- I’m here today to do some networking, build my business, grow, meet new people and have a good time.

Harold Powell- The highlight of Thursday night’s kickoff was most definitely the Drone show where hundreds of drones took to the Skies over the St Clair River and put on a dazzling display of lights while forming an array of shapes and figures such as a snowman stars and other holiday related themes guests huddled around the fire to keep warm during the chili display before heading back inside to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Laura Szymmanski- I love the Drone show. It’s a safe event it’s it’s great to put out for families and everybody else. Thank you so much for having us.

Harold Powell- and now that we’ve learned more about Michigan festivals and events Association and saw the amazing drone show that’ll wrap things up for us here at the Blue Water convention Center I’m Harold Powell for Thumb Coast TV.