Over 100 vendors display their handmade crafts and goods at Richmond High School for the Mistletoe Magic Christmas Market. Meet a few artists and see some of their unique gifts.

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Cailin Williams- As a kickoff to the winter season, Richmond High School is holding a Christmas market with over 100 vendors with all kinds of unique items perfect for homemade holiday shopping.

Shari Blackburn- This is a collective of handcrafted michigan-made um vendors artists that are able to join us here and sell their product and people come in and um help support their local businesses I think it it’s just for a family something to do in a, a fun afternoon we we have a lot of families that I see them coming in at the doors you know like you know 10 to 12 people at a time groups of families that meet together for a fun afternoon um we often have food trucks available they can have lunch there’s clothing boutiques um just all sorts of things  normally we have kids face painting you know things for the kids to do and then if it’s an outdoor Market we’ been bringing in the bounce houses and you know Cinderella or um the Grinch different things for kids to enjoy you know um it’s not just for adults.

Heather Bade- This is my first time I have never done this before. I just start I just on a whim decided two months ago that I wanted to do it, and I’m so glad I did. I am here to um share the crochet love. As you see, I have just started making this within the last 2 months, and I love making it so much that I felt like I needed an out, like somewhere to someone to someone, give it to, but you run out of people after a while, so I felt like this was a good opportunity to share it with others.

Cindy Bouchard- I primarily make wreaths, um I do some other things like lanterns, table decorations, and ornaments. My primary business is is wreath some people like to have a wreath that they can hang up all year long our partial season um but wreaths also for the holidays are great because, because you can give a wreath, people hang it on their door during the holidays and they pack it up, and next year they pull it out, and it’s like a gift all over again; it’s like the gift that just keeps on giving.

Santa Claus-  It’s a family time; it brings a lot more people together, brings them out from outside the inside and it’s just a local business that help out local people you’re showing local that’s the biggest thing, um, got Santa here. As you can see, it’s fabulous and bizarre.

Shari Blackburn- So come on out join us on December 9th at the Frankenmuth Kerns Pavilion. it’s the same thing for entry 12 and under free. We’ve got Santa coming and Mrs. Claus, and I believe we have the Grinch. A lot of holiday um gift ideas come on out for that unique item.

Cailin Williams- And this is just the beginning of the holiday season, so make sure to keep your eye open for more Christmas events like this near year for Thumb Coast TV. I’m Cailin Williams.