Local teacher, Bonnie Camm, has been nominated for the
2020 Michigan Charter School Teacher of the Year
award. Bonnie is a 6th grade teacher at Landmark
Academy in Kimball. Debby Wilton, Superintendent of
Landmark, said that teachers are nominated anonymously
by parents, fellow teachers, school leaders, and
community members. Camm was nominated for having a
“never-ending source of energy and passion for children
and education.” The main reason for the nomination had
to do with how she interacts with students. Camm said
that the students that typically frustrate many teachers are
the very ones she asks for as students. Camm is also not
afraid to use quirky stories and songs to achieve what
other teachers describe as “calm fun.” Surely those same
qualities will translate to the new challenge of online
education. The winners of the contest will be announced
later this spring.