Some people wait for all year for the holiday informally known as Turkey Day! While many of us learned about the origins and traditions in grade school, there are some things you may not know or maybe just forgot. Did you know the first Thanksgiving was supposedly a three-day celebration? In November 1621, the settlers’ first corn harvest proved successful and Governor William Bradford invited the Plymouth colonists’ Native American allies to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Members of the Wampanoag tribe came bearing food to share and as they joined the Pilgrims, the revelers decided to extend the affair. While it’s called turkey day by many, was there really even turkey at the first Thanksgiving? Nobody is quite sure if the famed, fall bird that now marks the centerpiece of our table was even on the menu back in 1621. However, they did indulge in other interesting foods like lobster, seal, and swan. While many folks’ tradition includes a parade, did you know the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade didn’t feature any balloons? The first parade in 1924 actually featured animals from the Central Park Zoo! Back to turkey traditions, do you have a guess how many are cooked each year? It’s over 40 million. However you’re celebrating this holiday season, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!