The St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office has received several calls regarding a suspicious black BMW vehicle and two suspicious people from that vehicle walking on their property. Deputies from the Sheriff’s Office investigated and made contact with the pair Thursday afternoon in Port Huron Township. What appeared to be suspicious ended up being miscommunication at DTE.
The people who had contacted DTE about meter readers had contacted the electrical portion of DTE, who told callers they had no meter readers in the area. It turns out that the pair work for the engineering portion of the electric company.
Contact was made with two separate supervisors in the engineering department of DTE. They confirmed the men are currently working on obtaining serial numbers from the smart meters at homes in the area. That information will be used to determine which
electrical grid is feeding the residences. Sheriff Donnellon said, while this instance has been found to simply be some miscommunication on DTE’s part, they appreciate being called.
The DTE employees have been advised to make sure their credentials are worn on the outside of their clothing, so residents will be readily able to identify them as DTE workers.