The annual Sturgeon Festival has been moved to August. Unlike many local festivals that have been cancelled for this year, the Sturgeon Festival is just getting pushed to later on the calendar. The Friends of the St. Clair River have announced that this year’s festival will be held on the second night of August’s full moon and will be at the Fort Gratiot Light Station in Port Huron. The evening festival, running from 5:00-9:00 p.m. will include a full moon lighthouse climb along with the traditional hands-on activities for all ages. There is traditionally a sturgeon release, but the timing isn’t right for it to happen at this year’s festival. Instead, there will be opportunities to meet real biologists and learn about the sturgeon. The Sturgeon Festival has been happening for eight years in the Blue Water Area and is intended to build awareness of the giant fish that make the St. Clair River home.