A new business has opened its doors in Marysville at the Market Square shopping center. True Balance Chiropractic and Wellness is now ready to serve customers in the area. Several were there to welcome the new business at the grand opening event Wednesday evening including Marysville Mayor, Dan Damman. The primary chiropractor at True Balance is Dr. Ramika Ford. She’s new to the area, hailing originally from Aurora, Illinois. Dr. Ford said her office will take a little different approach in terms of where the chiropractic adjustments take place. She described a semi-open setting, with no rooms or closed doors. She also said there is a therapy room so she and her staff can show a patient how to stretch or use certain chiropractic devices.
The buildout for the new office was completed by her father who is a contractor. Dr. Ford named the business True Balance Chiropractic and Wellness because, as she puts it, “people need balance in almost all aspects of life” She is accepting new clients and is open Monday through Friday, and by appointment on the weekends.