For many students, a college degree would not be possible without financial aid. Making that aid happen for students is an important job and one for which a local woman has been recognized. Josephine Cassar is the Director of Financial Assistance at St. Clair County Community College. She has received the State Leadership Award from the Midwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators. According to a statement from SC4, Ms. Cassar was recognized for her “exceptional contributions to the financial aid profession at the state and regional levels and for her integrity, character and creative leadership”. In addition to her personal award, a committee on which she served, the Summer Institute and Leadership Symposium Committee, was also recognized as the Committee of the Year. With more than thirty years of experience in higher education, students at SC4 are in good hands when making important financial decisions for their futures. According to Vice President of Student Services at SC4, Pete Lacey, “Jo has helped improve college access for thousands of students and families by sharing her knowledge and expertise. Congratulations to her on another outstanding and well-deserved honor.”