In the Port Huron City Council meeting Monday night, one of the last agenda items to come before city leaders was an ordinance prohibiting marijuana establishments in the city. The ordinance passed almost unanimously with councilmember Scott Worden as the only “no” vote. Port Huron City Manager James Freed led the discussion on the ordinance saying that maijuana is currently legal and will remain so for residents. The ordinance that passed temporarily halts marijuana businesses from operating in the city. Freed went on to say that city officials would like more of an opportunity to look at zoning of such businesses within the city. He said there are too many unknowns in the recreational industry. The ordinance that passed has a sunset clause and will no longer be in effect after June 30, 2020. Freed welcomed input over the next 10 months for those looking to shape the marijuana industry in Port Huron. He invited those interested in the marijuana business to contact his office and set up an appointment to discuss the issue further.