On a more serious note, there are two food recalls on opposite ends of the nutrition spectrum that are worth noting as you m ake your meal plan for the day. Certain Fresh Express salad mixes and frozen White Castle hamburgers have been recalled for possible contamination. Fresh Express has recalled their Sunflower Crisp Chopped Salad Kits for suspected E.coli contamination. At least eight people have gotten sick. This is a different strain from the recent romaine lettuce recall. If salad is not your thing, you might have some frozen White Castle cheeseburger or hamburger sliders in the freezer. Listeria is the concern with the frozen burgers. Listeria is a very serious pathogen, but there have been no reported cases of exposure. You can check the Center for Disease Control’s website to check your sliders to see if they are affected. If you have unfortunately experienced any illness, and you think it could be from a contaminated food product, your physician will need to report it to the Health Department. The risk of exposure to either product is slim, as they should be off of store shelves or expired by now in the case of the salad, but it doesn’t hurt to be aware and check your refrigerator and freezer.