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The annual float down in the St. Clair River is something that some residents look forward to every year.  Something that area residents don’t look forward to is garbage left behind by participants and the on-lookers on shore.   The friends of the St. Clair River is launching a special campaign this year to try to lessen, if not eliminate, the amount of garbage that the yearly event leaves behind.  The campaign is, “A Fun River is a Clean River”. The group wants to send a positive message to the thousands to keep it clean while having fun. The friends of the St. Clair River states on their Facebook page, “If you’ve been to Float Down, you know the St. Clair River, its shoreline and beaches are left in a dismal, litter-filled condition”. The group is looking for a passionate team who wants to help them develop a marketing and outreach campaign, and help on the day of the event to keep it clean. Float Down is Sunday, August 18 at 1:00 p.m. at Lighthouse Beach in Port Huron.  Those interested in this effort can visit the Friends of the St. Clair River Facebook page.