Firearm deer season begins today. As hunters head to the blinds this weekend, it’s more than just outdoorsman that need to be on the alert. For motorists, this time of year is when deer are most active as mating season is in full-swing between October and December. Deer are usually most active at dawn or dusk, so be extra aware on your daily work commute. For the hunters, St. Clair County Sheriff Tim Donnellon has some safety tips to make sure this hunting season is safe and successful. The biggest reminders- hunting hours begin approximately one-half hour before sunrise and last until approximately one-half hour after sunset. While it can be tempting to wear all-camo, hunters are required by law to wear an outer-item of clothing in “hunter orange” and it must be visible from all sides. Sheriff Donnellon also wants hunters to take the following precautions to prevent injury or death while hunting this season:

  • Familiarize yourself with the area where you will be hunting
  • Never assume you are alone in the woods
  • Never assume other hunters are acting responsibly.
  • If sitting against a rock or tree, make sure it is wider than your shoulders so you are not mistaken for a target.
  • Be 100 percent sure of your target before shooting.