The semi-annual clock-change is popular (or should we say unpopular) top of conversation every “time” it rolls around. And, while there’s a bill in Congress right now to eliminate Daylight Savings Time, it’s hasn’t passed before. Could this time be charm? The bill, sponsored by state Rep. Michele Hoitenga, of Manton, pledges to eliminate the twice-yearly time change in Michigan. It was approved last week by the House Commerce and Tourism Committee. Hoitenga says, “Time change is a nuisance. Workers and students across our state have been hurt by it for decades. Not only is the practice antiquated, it’s also impractical and serves no real purpose.” She thinks Michigan residents are ready to put an end to this practice. Hoitenga cited studies that show the time change is bad for student performance that workers across the state struggle to make it to work on time after the dreaded “spring forward.” The Northern Michigan lawmaker’s bill calls for Michigan to remain in Daylight Saving Time all the time. The House Bill now moves to the House Ways and Means Committee for further consideration. Similar efforts have been pushed before, but maybe for some, here’s to hoping it’s successful this time around.