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Governor Gretchen Whitmer has declared May as “Electrical Safety Month” to emphasize, “plugging into prevention” to avoid electrical fires, injury or electrocution, is everyone’s responsibility. Citizens are urged to practice electrical safety and be aware of potential hazards especially in older homes, previously owned homes, homes that have been renovated, or where major new appliances have been added within the last 10 years. The main causes of electrical residential fires, has been associated to heat from powered and operating equipment that led to more than 2,300 reported fires. A few tips to guard against electrical fires: Never throw water on an electrical fire. Replace worn out cords, switches, and outlets. Minimize the use of extension cords and don’t overload wall outlets. Finally, call the fire department immediately anytime you hear a buzzing or hissing sound, or if you detect or smell a burning odor. Most important: Leave the area immediately.