The 1800s legend of a missing woman in southern St. Clair County, coming to life on the big screen. An event at the Mariner in Marine City features the upcoming movie, Morrow Road, by showing clips, artwork, and other production updates from the director.

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Transcription of story:

Alyssa Paynter- Today we are getting a behind-the-scenes look into the making of Morrow Road, a horror movie directed by Francis Sampier, comes along with us as we uncover this stark legend of St. Clair County.

Francis Sampier- So right now we’re doing an event here that’s exclusive for the Mariner and it is basically a presentation on the film its progress and it also includes uh to my left and a little bit here to my right uh sort of like an art expo uh featuring all the art in our movie concept art the physical art that our main character as well as props so so more wrote is a legend a legend is something that cannot be proven or disproven so a myth is fake and fact is fact so did a woman disappear in the late 1800s looking for a lost child yes that’s a fact but how did they disappear or did they were they murdered were they you know did something terrible happen to them maybe maybe not so in real life there are 10 theories to what could have happened to them and our film actually portrays all 10 you get to see them all so we’re not just a horror film this film’s a mystery it’s a puzzle you know for viewers to solve if there’s a lot of excellent people behind it and there’s no talk anymore we’ve already started making it you can watch footage it’s already been sold so the Distributors already love what we’ve done the big thing to help us right now right is spreading the word and it’s going to be great.

Alyssa Paynter- The Morrow Road team is working tirelessly to make this legend found right here in your backyard come to life. Keep an eye out for the Morrow Road movie coming soon for Thumb Coast TV. I’m Alyssa Paynter.