Blue Water Habitat for Humanity has announced a COVID-19 voucher program. The vouchers have two options. One is for critical home repairs such as plumbing, structural safety, roof repairs, and electrical repairs. The other is a ReStore Merchandise Voucher. It can be used for the purchase of home repair products, appliances, and home goods. Kara Geib, Outreach and Program Services Manager, said that Habitat for Humanity is hoping to be able to help 25 families with home repairs and 50 with the ReStore vouchers. The work will be contracted and will not include long-standing or long term repairs, like a complete roof, but will do things like emergency patches and plumbing repairs. The ReStore vouchers will assist those who need the materials to do the repairs themselves. To qualify for the vouchers, a referral from a non-profit or human services organization is necessary. There is a pre-screen questionnaire at