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Written by Audrey Sochor

Author and former U.S. Congressman David Bonior returned to his former stomping grounds on March 5 to discuss his new book, “Whip: Leading the Progressive Battle During the Rise of the Right.” 

Born and raised in Detroit, Bonior served as the democratic congressman for Macomb and St. Clair counties from 1977 to 2003. “Whip” is his fourth book and second memoir, and picks up where his first memoir – “Eastside Kid” – left off, which is at the start of his 26-year career serving Michigan’s 10th and 12th Districts.

“It’s all in there. Some great, funny stories,” Bonior said. “Some of the stories are poignant, some of them are really instructive and some are humorous.”

This story is about his relationship with the six presidents he served under as well as the five speakers of the House. Bonior said it also touches on all the major issues of the last quarter of a century, especially those important to the people of St. Clair County.

Trade, wages, education and environment are all familiar national topics, but St. Clair County residents also get an insider’s perspective on home-field topics like the new span of the Blue Water Bridge, the underwater rail tunnel to Sarnia and the Bridge to Bay Trail.

Bonior is a firm believer everyone should care about the politics that govern their everyday lives. All proceeds from the sale of his memoir go to The Mikva Challenge, a nonprofit that works to empower and inform youth to be active citizens. Currently for high school students in Chicago and Washington, D.C., he is working on bringing the program to Michigan.

“We need more people interested in our government, because our government is suffering from inaction,” he said. “Things aren’t getting done, and suffering from [lack of] trust. We need young people, idealistic people, who want to get in the government and make a difference and change their community for the better,” he said.