A grand opening at St. Clair’s former Eddy Elementary with a vibrant new purpose. The YMCA of the Blue Water Area’s opens their newest childcare & education center within the building.

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Transcription of story: Alyssa Paynter: The YMCA has been working hard to open this new child care and education center to bring smiles and accessibility to families across St. Clair County.  Josh Chapman, CEO of YMCA of the Blue Water Area:  Warm World is our Child Care Program in preschool and education program it’s been around the blue water area for decades this is our what we think is our third location so we started at Fort Street we’ve had tremendous support from the community from our friends from supporters donors government philanthropy so we’ve we’ve worked at this to attack this as a group and as of today we’ve been successful. Shanna Graham, Director of Warm World: “This event is for our fall session. One infant room to toddlers in three preschool rooms.  Thelma Castillo, CEO of the Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce: So the Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization we’ve been around for 105 years we’re here to support the community at large as well as our businesses and our non-profits and so we’re really trying to provide resources for our members to be successful in this business community and we’re really excited that we keep growing and we have great chamber members that keep expanding.   I’m really happy for Josh and his team and we’re really excited that this journey finally took place and we can call this another location for the YMCA. Shanna Graham, Director of Warm World:  Janet is the office coordinator and she signs and enrolls people so you can call her at 810-987-6400 extension 323.  Alyssa Payter:  make sure to check out the YMCA website where they have resources for all.  For thumbcoast.tv I’m Alyssa Paynter