And it’s official – a ribbon cutting marks the Wrigley Center grand opening. Take a look inside the building to see the latest views of Wrigley Hall and find out what coming attractions are still in the works.

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Transcription of story:

Lily Campau- With the snip of a ribbon, downtown Port Huron’s newest development officially opened its doors. The Wrigley Center is a multifaceted food hall and entertainment venue that’s been in the works for a while, but now they’re finally ready to share all the fun with you.

Thelma Castillo- I am so grateful to be here this evening for this grand opening for the Wrigley Center. Larry and Tracy Jones have put their heart and soul to not only into this building but other buildings in the city of Port Huron. He brings such a great flare to the city of Port Huron. We are actually in r center today, which has not only 36 lofts but they also have some business owners here, and then you have the Wrigley HW, which is a mega center of entertainment food. There’s live music and live comedy shows. It’s really another asset for the city of Port Huron residents and tourists.

Larry Jones- The main piece is the is the food Hall and the entertainment piece of it um you know which is a big part we have the rooftop patio and the bar upstairs but we also have a 50ft rock climbing wall that is under construction right now there’s the the golf simulators are under construction happening we have uh the salon and then we have other Amusement things that are that are you know here we just don’t have them set up yet years ago we had a computer uh company want to do Offices here and they looked at us and they said well you know you don’t have you know all your young people are wanting to move out of the community you know we we’re not going to have the workforce well now as the young professional say you know you got to make a place you know fun and then people will find the job so now we’re having people come back and we’re having people move to the area.

Jeff Bohm- This project was probably fairly near and dear to us as a county we actually purchased this building back in 2014 and the original concept was just to take the building put it in kind of the county footprint this is right next to all the county home buildings as kind of a strategic hole it was a uh the building wasn’t in good shape it was dilapidated and things um so we went forward and we purchased at the same time one of our priorities was to really do a uh Pavilion Amphitheater covered somewhere in the downtown area kind of generic broad Strokes right so as we progressed with that we hired a couple Architects to look at some different concepts of the building and the second year we had a really cold winter and actually the beams started to delaminate and they were coming apart in the building and we just said we structurally can’t do this so we went out for request for proposals in June of 2019 and we received one recipient as I always say from one crazy guy you might have had him on an interview earlier Larry Jones that really wanted to tackle this project and really came up with the concept of a mixed retail entertainment 36 units and uh here we are standing here today it’s unbelievable and we’re fortunate the county the city the Michigan Economic Development Corporation our Eda with Community Foundation when we really put our minds together we can we can really move mountains in this County.

Lily Campau- Now another great option for food and fun is available in downtown Port Huron, so be sure to stop by the Wrigley Center when you get a chance and get a taste of all they have to offer. For Thumb Coast TV, I’m Lily Campau.