Fire trucks, school buses, marching bands, and tons of floats, all glowing brightly for St. Clair’s Lighted Santa Parade. See the sights and find out what brings groups and spectators alike to this annual event.

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Transcription of story:

Laci Eddy- St Clair is having their annual lighted Santa parade as local community groups and businesses light up downtown in a festive parade.

 Lynnsey Preister- I think it’s great to get outside of work and joke around with everybody and put up all the lights and be super festive, and the kids are always so fun at the parades, so we’re really excited. We went straight from Halloween to November 1st and started putting up Christmas decorations at the office, so um, everything the lights are fun. I think everybody’s just so grateful just to have each other in our wives and um.

 Andrea Rossow- Packages

 Lynnsey Preister- Packages, all the packages, yep.

 Andrea Rossow- Christmas Christmas packages, the letters, and all the kids who just wait by the mailbox waiting for Santa brought me in the Santa letters. Definitely write the Santa letters because we’re watching, Santa’s watching, and we’re helping. We’re the helpers for Santa this year.

 Lynnsey Preiste- We send all the letters Express up to the North Pole, so he gets them super fast.

 Micha Volz- Students are in the parade. I’m not sure exactly cuz there’s groups from a bunch of the different elementary schools and uh lots of different Civic organizations but as far as our marching Saints there’s a hundred twenty five of us in the in the parade this year so we’ve been working on our music for several weeks now we we always joke that musicians start playing Christmas music around Halloween um way before anybody else really wants to hear it but that’s how we get ready so it’s been you know a good 3 weeks or so oh it’s so important for a band to be out in and playing and parades and and doing Civic performances we feel very strongly that being out in the community is part of what makes a community like St Clair so great.

 Dawn Vermette- As long as the Santa Parade has been around, Neimans has been with them in the community for 15 years, and we’ve been in the parade every year it’s one of the things that Neimans hangs their hat on WE originated in Alpena 40 years ago with Bagels they’re our own recipe they’re our staple item in our Corner cafes and it’s just one of our uniquely Neimans items getting this whole group of people together being a part of the community and just everybody coming down and having a ton of fun, especially when we have great weather.

Laci Eddy- Wonderful Community event that never fails to bring happiness and holiday spirit to the Waters of St. Clair County for Thumb Coast TV. I am Lacy Eddy.