Lexington Coffee Co adds some cuteness to your day with the help of the Sanilac County Humane Society with Cuddles and Coffee. See some of the furry faces and find out the overall goal of this idea.

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Transcription of story:

Alyssa Paynter- What’s a better way to start your day other than with a warm sip of coffee from a local gem and cute, cuddly animals looking for a new home.

Michaela West- So this is cuddles and coffee, um, here at Lexington Coffee Co. It’s basically just a little PR event for us to get the cats and dogs um more views on them and more people seeing them falling in love with them to get them adopted, and just get them socialized and get a name out there um today we have at the moment we have five we originally had six but one actually got adopted today Miss latte went home first thing this morning the goal of this event is just to get our names out there and to show people these wonderful animals that are up for adoption very locally and just have someone fall in love hopefully with these animals and get them adopted.

Shelly Bakeley- Well even if a customer is just coming and getting a coffee I feel like just seeing the pets put a smile on their face and some of them can’t have pets at home but they still get to have a little cuddle while they’re drinking their coffee they’ve been here multiple times before so it was pretty easy we just got together putting an event on the calendar and before you know what the pets are here they’re super easy to work with they’re always friendly and they take such good care of their animals and they love the animals so much that you know they’re going to put the animals first even at the events so it makes us feel good having them here uh I feel like if it doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day you come home and you have your pet and it instantly relaxes you and they always love you when you come home

Michaela West- Next month, on December 16th, we have a holiday party for the pets planned at Fort Gratiot Nutrition, so um they can learn more about us by going to the SanilacCountyHumaneSociety.org it has all our information there there’s a donate button and all of our available animals are listed there as well.

Alyssa Paynter- Sanilac County Humane Society will be hosting more events like this so you can have hands-on experience with adopting your new family member for Thumb Coast TV. I’m Alyssa Paynter.