An evening centered on empowering girls. The annual A Beautiful Me Signature Gala offers a night of entertainment as well as a silent auction of over 80 items to support their mission.

[Sponsored by St. Clair County Department of Veterans Affairs]

Alyssa Paynter- a beautiful me, is holding their signature gala this weekend at Zuccaro’s.

Banquet Hall, it will be an afternoon full of empowerment as we support a beautiful mission.

Karen Palka- A beautiful Me is a nonprofit organization, and what we do is we work with girls from 3rd through 12th grade to build their self-esteem. 100% of the proceeds of our Gaya goes back into providing more workshops for girls so then we can reach more girls in southeast Michigan, and beyond our four-part workshop series is after school with girls, we meet with them for 2 hours at a time, and over the course of 8 hours, that’s a series, and we have gotten really great outcomes that last a lifetime.

Jill Shackelford- We um have agents for change is what we’re calling this Our title is um Mission possible um so we have affirmation girls who will go up, and you’ll hear a voiceover recording that they did um where they explain how the program worked for them, what they loved from it, and what they took from it. um and so just kind of a big mixture of entertainment with the girls, some dancing um some singing. Just to kind of have it entertainment and fun for the people who are here today um it’s very important to me because it’s I have three daughters myself, so seeing a program that empowers young ladies so they can become strong, confident women is you know obviously near and dear to my heart um just with three daughters.

Winter- I am affirmation girl number one, and my affirmation is brave. I used to have some people who made fun of me, so it made me stand up to them more.

Cora- I’m affirmation girl two, and my affirmation is, uh, for me, it’s really fun to like meet new people and do the projects that they have. The uh program has been such a great thing for all the girls, so we want to make it so more people can join. 

Lena- I’m affirmation go three, and my affirmation is I am brave. I just love that I can be confident and other girls and I love showing other girls that they can be confident too.

 Annette DeMaria- So we have um a silent auction where we have 80 items uh that have been mostly donated um we have got about over $20,000 in donated items that we’re auctioning off tonight uh online on our silent auction. So we also have raffle baskets. We have about 14 raffle baskets that were donated as well and uh hoping to raise um uh money with that tonight as well women’s confidence and girls confidence is something that takes a nosedive early on in life and if we have more confidence as women and girls we’ll be able to achieve more achieve more in our communities could achieve more in business and achieve more in our families so.

 Alyssa Paynter- What a beautiful event showcasing powerful women of all ages for Thumb Coast TV. I’m Alyssa Paynter.