Port Huron theatrical production company, Enter Stage Right, will be presenting “The Jungle Book “at 7 p.m. on Saturday, May 9. How? Using Zoom and a lot of creativity in the age of social distancing. Regina Spain, Executive Director, said that this idea was born of necessity and the need to stay connected while live shows are cancelled. “The Jungle Book” was chosen because it is engaging for students of all ages. It will be presented by actors in living rooms across the country and will require some creativity with handing over props across the screens. The pandemic shutdown has been a heartbreaker for the company, which already had some shows in the works. The company is optimistic about the future with stable finances and some stage and seating upgrades underway. “The Jungle Book” can be viewed by following the link that will be posted on EnterStageRight.org. Sign language interpretation of the play will be available.