Lake FX Grill, on Military Street in Port Huron, has one of the best views on the St. Clair River. The seafood restaurant announced last week that it is switching up its business model to a seasonal restaurant. Owner Mike Taylor told us that there are two main reasons for the change. While the location is simply stunning in the summer, the location on one side of a divided road with no neighboring businesses has presented a challenge in the winter months. They also want to take advantage of the winter to plan for the spring, summer, and fall and really establish Lake FX as a destination for their unique seafood menu and entertainment, like live Jazz.
Mr. Taylor told us that he wants to provide the “best product for guests” when they reopen in mid-April. Lake FX is able to host private parties and events while the restaurant is on winter break. The change to seasonal operation is common for waterfront restaurants in Michigan and it allows the owners to update the facility, work on the menu, and plan for this new chapter.
Private events are available for booking at the restaurant and gift cards can be used when the restaurant reopens or at Lake FX’s sister restaurants, Fuel Woodfire Grill or Tio Gordos. Staff from Lake FX will be moving over to those restaurants as well.