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Author: JoAnn Wine & Associates

Fun Fitness teaches 5th grade students that fitness can be fun!

Sponsored by: JoAnn Wine & Associates Written by Audrey Sochor An active lifestyle and healthy eating habits are important for one’s overall well-being, and for 13 years Fun Fitness has been working to instill those behaviors in Port Huron Schools’ 5th graders.    “It’s really important for kids to be able to fall in love with fitness as its own thing as opposed to falling in love with a sport,” said Toby Pittiglio, Fun Fitness coach, and Blue Water YMCA employee. “And Fun Fitness kind of seeks to do that, because you really can’t have a kid – you can’t say drop and give me...

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Walk-In Clinics are open at Health Department

Sponsored by: JoAnn Wine & Associates  The St. Clair County Health Department is continuing their open vaccine walk-in clinics. The clinic is open on Mondays from 10am to 6pm and Wednesdays 8am to 4pm. At the clinics you can receive vaccines ranging from the flu shot, tetanus, hepitais a and more. For more information visit...

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First year for SC4 wrestling and sends two Skippers to nationals

Sponsored by: JoAnn Wine & Associates  SC4 has many firsts when it comes to wrestling. This is the first year that SC4 has introduced wrestling to it’s athletic department and the first time sending skippers to nationals. Brandon Turner and Nick Sanford will represent SC4 in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The tournament begins February...

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Joint Flood Response Plan breifing held between Port Huron and Fort Gratiot Township yesterday

Sponsored by: JoAnn Wine & Associates  Yesterday there was a Flood Response Plan with Emergency Command briefing held at the Port Huron City Building. It was a joint meeting with Port Huron and Fort Gratiot Township. During the meeting there was authorization for ice breaking operations to begin along the Black River to the 10th St Bridge. Due to construction, they are unable to break past the bridge. The plan is to deploy pallets of sandbags throughout the canal neighborhood in the unlikely circumstance they are needed. In the continue efforts to monitoring ice conditions along the river and...

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St. Clair Inn plans to open March 2019; Here’s what to expect

Sponsored by: JoAnn Wine & Associates  Written by: Audrey Sochor If you’ve spent any time at all in St. Clair over the years you’ll have heard the locals despair of the shuttered, rundown inn, and more recently the buzz of excitement as construction crews work away to restore what was once the town’s crown jewel. The excitement all started when Jeff Katofsky, managing member of Planet Clair LLC, a trial lawyer by trade and commercial developer by vocation, was brought to town by a piece of litigation where he and his partner, Rick Barreca, had an option to buy the property. It...

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